Within the framework of the research area “Language and Cognition: Corpora, Behaviour and Education”, the MSHS of the University of Poitiers is organizing an international conference entitled “Syllables and syllabification: theoretical approaches and pedagogical applications”. This conference follows the workshop “Around the syllable: phonetics, phonology and acquisition” that was held in November 2015 and whose aim was to assess the state-of-the-art in current research on the syllable in various languages and various fields of study.

The purpose of this conference is to continue the work undertaken in 2015 and to allow researchers from different fields to become acquainted and promote their research in the following areas:

  • Syllables and language processing (segmentation, automatic detection of syllables…)
  • Syllables and cross-linguistic comparisons (perception and production in written, spoken and signed languages)
  • Syllables and language acquisition, learning and teaching
  • Syllables and language disorders
  • Syllables and language games
  • Syllables and translation (syllabification, rhythm and rhyme)

Research fields (non exhaustive): language acquisition, language learning, language teaching, graphematics, linguistics, morphology, phonetics, phonology (theory/-ies, description and representation(s)), phonotactics, prosody, psycholinguistics, neuropsychology, etc.

In addition to the plenary talks, thematic study sessions and roundtables will be held in order to promote the exchange between the various fields of study represented at the conference as well as the exchange with primary and secondary school teachers.



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